Continental Tyres

Today, Continental AG, based in Hanover, Germany is one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide. The Group includes, among others, the brands Barum, Uniroyal, Semperit and General Tyre. In addition to its positioning as the world's fourth-largest tyre manufacturer, the Continental Automotive Systems (CAS) division, which covers the market for electronically controlled chassis and vehicle safety systems, has established itself in recent decades. Thus, Continental AG is more than just a tyre manufacturer. It supplies quality products for the ever-new and increasing demands of the automotive industry.

Professionals rely on Continental.

Almost every third new car in Europe rolls off the line on Continental tyres. Well-known car manufacturers such as Porsche, VW, Audi, Nissan and Honda count on Continental's products and equip their vehicles with the premium tyres ex-works. And not without reason: In nearly 80 percent of the tests in which Continental tyres were scrutinised, they were cut off with the best result and received the highest recommendation.

Continental tyres: the products

Continental supplies tyres for trucks and buses, bicycles and motorcycles as well as for industrial applications. But first and foremost, it is about quality tyres for cars in all its facets. Current and popular products are the ContiPremiumContact and SportContact series in the summer tyre segment and WinterContact for the cold season. In the area of all-season tyres, Continental offers the AllSeasonContact.

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