Book Your Exhaust repair/service online at Smartfit Autos

A defective exhaust system, for example, can be identified by a reduced engine output with increased noise and high fuel consumption. In these cases, we recommend that you visit our specialist workshop immediately.

Please also keep in mind, with a defective exhaust system, your vehicle will fail the MOT test.

The services as part of the exhaust service

By regularly checking the exhaust system, you can prevent nasty surprises and replace worn or damaged components at an early stage. Our exhaust service includes a comprehensive review of all elements of the exhaust system and a professional assessment of the functionality.

We are happy to take over the replacement of defective parts such as a worn silencer as part of the inspection. We only use high-quality replacement parts with long service life. Of course, we take care after the removal of old exhaust parts to the environmentally friendly disposal.

Have your exhaust system checked regularly in our specialist workshop and benefit from the maximum service life.


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