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Here you can find a large variety of Michelin tyres in all regular sizes and for every season. Looking at our prices won't disappoint you. Below we want to tell you a bit more about this fantastic tyre producer.

Michelin History

With over 100,000 employees and an annual production of more than 160 million tyres, Michelin is one of the world's largest tyre manufacturers. Michelin is represented in 170 countries. The company produces at 72 locations spread over 19 countries. About 50 percent of all passenger and light truck tyres sold on the aftermarket are from Michelin. Michelin was founded in 1889. Since then, Michelin facilitates travel and the transportation of goods. Michelin's motto: "A better way forward" also implies this desire to make travelling easier. This is also reflected in Michelin's products. Michelin produces tyres, travel guides and road maps. As well known as the company itself is its company logo, the Michelin man. It first appeared on the scene in 1894, when brothers André and Édouard Michelin presented a large stack of tyres at the World's Fair in Lyon. Édouard thought that if the bunch had arms, he would look like a human being. Together with an artist, they developed the Michelin man. The logo was first published in 1898 on a poster. Because of its long track record, the Michelin man has been voted the best logo ever. .

Tyres from Michelin

The company was born when Édouard Michelin took over the family business in 1898 and christened it Michelin & Co. Whenever a cyclist came to the Michelin factory to have his tyre repaired in 1891, Édouard Michelin dreamed of a tyre that would be quick and easy to repair. It took just under three hours to change the tyre. Also, the tyre also had to dry overnight. Only then was the bike ready to go again. As a result, Michelin invented and patented removable bicycle tyres. These tyres could be repaired in 15 minutes. The history of Michelin is characterised by technological breakthroughs that have improved the quality of tyres over the long term. The company was always in charge, among other things in 1946 the radial tyre was developed and patented. Another innovation is the Michelin Energy tyre, which reduces fuel consumption and conquered the market in 1994. 1996 was a crucial year for Michelin, where the successful concept for the PAX system was developed. This system allows continuing driving even if the tire has lost air pressure. A tyre that cannot be pierced sounds too good to be true. But in 2006, Michelin launched such a tyre: "Tweel."

Tweel is a non-pneumatic tire, meaning it contains no air. This tyre is used today for heavy machinery.

Of course, Michelin is also represented in motor sport. Already in the late 70s Ferrari supplied radial tyres, which gave Ferrari the victory in the Formula 1 Racing World Championship. Michelin has participated in Formula One since 2000, winning four consecutive races. Michelin is strongly committed to motor sport and is committed to developing highly competitive tyres for motor sport. The company's innovations have produced tyres that are durable, offer high safety, drive energy-efficient and enhance driving the pleasure. The tyres that Michelin developed for motor sport are also often available in the general market. Michelin believes that a first-class tyre that performs well on the tracks is also beneficial for private cars and motorcycles. Michelin has been making tyres for racing for a long time and will continue its triumphant progress in this area.

Michelin tyres from Smartfit

Michelin produces tyres for all types of cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, agricultural vehicles, commercial vehicles and aircraft's. Its many years of experience in tyre manufacturing and the impressive innovations show that Michelin offers exactly what you are looking for. Because of the company's stringent safety and durability requirements, Michelin guarantees that its tyres are a good and sustainable investment. This minimizes the impact on the environment. That, too, is one of the company's goals. Michelin knows that nowadays a good product is one that reduces environmental impact. Since 2001, the company has been a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and is involved in its Sustainable Mobility project. Michelin has set itself ten goals to increase the environmental friendliness of the company. This includes recycling tyres, reducing the environmental impact of tyres, building good relationships with society and creating good working conditions in factories. In addition to these commitments, Michelin is working to achieve the WBCSD goals. Its objectives include, for example, bridging mobility barriers and reducing emissions that could harm the health of the population. This means that with the purchase of a Michelin tyre, you not only receive first-class quality but also contribute to the preservation of the environment.

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